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We believe all women are beautiful.
Our Castella Boutique models all share our philosophy and our passion to help all women feel fabulous.

We stock clothing from petite to curvy sizes that flatter and accentuate all body types.
All of our clothing online is styled on our curvy and petite models.
If you would like to see us in-store, our staff at our Mitchelton location can assist you with dressing to your body type.


I adore being Castella Boutiques’ Curvy Model! I work at our Mitchelton Location and write the descriptions of garments for our online store. This allows me to give our customers real feedback on how our garments fit. I love fashion, and love being able to help our ladies find styles that look and feel great!

I am also the proud owner and creator of Bee Lee Creations; primarily I make polymer clay earrings. Each pair are unique and like the clothes at Castella, a little bit of fun!

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 115cm • Waist – 103cm • Hips – 122cm • Height – 163cm • Bra Cup– 18D


“I love modelling for Castella Boutique!  I love that I am helping ladies to buy from Castella with confidence by showing styling and great fit. I get to see different versions of myself through the camera and what I wear.  Modelling the most beautiful outfits allows me to express my glamorous, creative side…. I also love working with my co-workers, they are the best people I have ever met ….xoxo”

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 92cm • Waist – 77cm • Hips – 102cm • Height – 165cm • Bra Cup – 10C


“What I’m most passionate about, is helping women feel confident. Fashion just happens to be the tool I use. I’ve personally been every size from Australian size 4 to 18 and know that the number on the tag is totally irrelevant when you are wearing something that brings you joy and you feel like a million bucks. I’ve spent over a decade learning body love and acceptance, and its my passion to help women love and embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin.”

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 109cm • Waist – 95cm • Hips – 118cm • Height – 175cm


I love showing women that style has no size

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 120cm • Waist – 105cm • Hips – 130cm • Height – 169cm


“My goal is to help women shop online with confidence. By trying on the garments I get to offer them styling options but most importantly I can talk them through fabric and fit to ensure they purchase the right garments for their needs. I want women to be kinder to themselves and I hope that by seeing the garments on a woman they can identify with, my videos will help them navigate the world of online shopping with gusto.”

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 108cm • Waist – 88cm • Hips – 118cm • Height – 175cm • Bra Cup – 14E


“I love fashion and putting outfits together that make me (and hopefully other women) feed good. I love sharing the realities of Mum life and the ups and downs of having two young children!”

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 87cm • Waist – 82cm • Hips – 93cm • Height – 167cm • Bra Cup – 12B


“I love Castella’s sense of fun – all of the clothing is easy to wear, easy to style and super versatile. Everything I wear from Castella Boutique garners compliments – from the school drop off to meetings, to weekend events. I love styling clothing in reels to show their versatility. I think it’s important to be able to wear a new wardrobe addition multiple ways for different occasions, and by doing this I hope I can provide some inspiration so you can get the most out of that new piece in your wardrobe.”

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 90cm • Waist – 73cm • Hips – 92cm • Height – 158cm

MEASUREMENTS:  Bust – 99cm • Waist – 79.5cm • Hips – 96cm • Height – 163cm • Bra Cup – 14D

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